Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Green faces, bottom turns, cream teas and road trips

Superb weather and perfect surf was perhaps the biggest WOW factor during the latest Surf Sistas Coaching Course in association with Oakley and Surfgirl magazine. That, and dancer Sarah’s bodypoppin skills!

The group was a wonderful mixture of ladies, all at different levels but who were clearly keen to work as a team to really progress with their surfing. 

The sun shone bright and small, manageable waves graced the Cornish shores allowing for the group to get out of the whitewash and spend most of their time out back and getting green waves.

The course is designed to take those ready to step things up, to the next level and the week featured plenty of water time, along with a Cornish road trip, surf specific yoga/pilates class, dawnie, sunset session and theory work too.

The SurfGirl Handbook provided the perfect accompaniment to experientially learning about paddling out, catching unbroken waves, beginning to bottom turn and trimming along the green.

With conditions really on their side the girls learnt about what makes a good wave, with wind, tide and swell playing important roles as well as maximising their potential through fitness, speed, positioning, timing and wave selection.

Of course surfing is extreme, and with this comes injuries, aching muscles and the odd hangover!

Much fun was had by all during the trip to Praa sands and Gwithian, and even though the waves were only knee high on the South coast a Cornish feast of scones, jam and clotted cream on the scorching beach was well earned!

By the end of the week the girls were feeling sunkissed, surfed out and rather sad to say goodbye to their new surfing family.  What’s great is everyone planning their own surfing road trip reunion already,  proving that it really is just about getting out there, sharing the fun and waves together. This is what makes being a Surf Sista such a great lifestyle!


real life actual Surf Sisters ├Źde & Aoife 

post surf cream tea scrum

the girls just happened to be relaxing in Yoga positions on the cliff

lovely Demi and her surf mobile .. where's Monty?

a positively tropical looking Newquay

Nat using the Surfgirl Handbook

some pretty standard pre surf stretches 

Some not so standard but much more fun pre-surf exercises


Surf Sistas are headed out back 

Sarah finds a mini green face 

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