Wednesday, 30 April 2014

"One day we were dreaming of the things that made us happiest in life ... "

5 years ago our friend Anna Glowinski, bicycle whizz, fashion designer and Cycle Show presenter on the tellybox, asked if we wanted to go 'cycle surfing' in France. She had seen someone in the US selling cycle mules for surfboards and wanted to give them a go .. 'hello yes' we said and off we all went on our first ever cycle surf trip ..

Fast forward a year and we were ready to go with our first ever Big Friday Cycle Surfari, now amazingly in its 5th year!  The Cycle Surfari is our annual cycle from Hossegor to Lacanau, up the South West coast of France. Think shady cycle paths through the pine forests & French villages, glassy waves surfed at dawn, hearty meals cooked on the camp stove, sleeping under canvas and stars, mile after mile of golden sand, sunburnt noses, sandy feet and salty hair, off the grid, good company and good times!

"One day we were dreaming of the things that make us happiest in life, the great outdoors, cycling, surfing, camping, friends. Big Friday took on the challenge of a totally new-concept holiday in which participants cycle up the West Coast of France using surf trailers to carry their boards. The joy of this is that every day there was a new beach to discover, including some beaches that aren’t accessible by car. It meant that every day was spent soaking up the sun and the fresh air and Big Friday’s impeccable customer service provided a meal at the camp site, ready cooked with tents up by the time you arrive! It’s a glorious, glorious, unique holiday event." Anna Glowinski, Best Day Ever Creative

Anna in camp on our first ever Big Friday Cycle Surfari in 2010

Anna G led her own successful women's cycle brand for the past 5 years but recently left to launch her own creative agency .. although we deeply loved her stylish cycle tights, we can't help but be a little bit pleased she is going to be dreaming up big ideas for a living!  Good luck with your new venture Anna!

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

El Sueño

We're in love with this short film by Bugeyefilms shot in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica .. we think it pretty much sums up how dreamy it is there .. want to see for yourself? Come and join us on a retreat or road trip and live the dream :)

El Sueño from bugeyefilms on Vimeo.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Let me let you in to a secret. I am a terrible surfer. I mean, for the amount of time I have actually spent in the water, I am absolutely shocking. Trust me. My abilities have absolutely no bearing on the brave souls that have endeavoured to teach me over the years. I am currently chocking up nearly 9 years of having someone shouting across the waves “Hayley! Hayley! LOOK UP!” Stop looking at your board!”

Of all the pursuits I have tried over the years; snowboarding, kayaking, paddle boarding, climbing, the frickin flying trapeze for god’s sake, I have at least achieved an acceptable level of participation. But surfing, nah uh. 
You think I would be annoyed by this. But no. It does not matter. Not one jot. Not anymore. For me, the whole experience is far richer than a single moment of success.

Most of my time spent in the water has been in the company of women and I think this has made all the difference. The support, the camaraderie, the sisterhood (the clue is in the name people!) form a part of that experience. It’s bigger than just hoofing your gear to the beach and paddling out.

There is drive if you want it, don’t get me wrong. The environment that women seem to create amongst themselves, with each other, engenders a total feeling of support. It’s something older than we, it’s in our genes. Something that the dudes, despite their best intents, don’t really get, but every gal with her hair plastered to her face, scrubbed clean of make up is always rooting for you to stand, to catch, to paddle, whether you get there or not. Because she is you.

Stepping in to the water for me is the most amazing leveller. Everyone out there on their board, whether they be supermarket check out girl, Momma, teacher, doctor. You are one, and all in it together, especially as the next set rises up to meet you. And some will go, some will catch, some emerge triumphant, others (namely me) tumbling to the beach, sand in unspeakable places, but all with a smile on their faces.

Hayley (Surf Sistas Yogi)

Kinda liking the idea of hair plastered to your face and sand everywhere you don't want it!?  Come and learn to surf with us this summer on one of our beginner weekends in  Cornwall or Wales