Thursday, 28 June 2012

Don't get stuck in that white water rut

We have good news, 2 spaces have come up on our White to Green improver course in July..  Don't get stuck in that white water rut forever.. invest some time in your surfing with 5 days of intensive (and fun) coaching with our Surf Sistas coaches.

Dates:  23-27 July 2012
Location: Newquay, Cornwall, UK 
Price: £250 per person

Our lovely White to Green graduates in 2011

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Meet our Surf Sistas Team: Nicole Lohse

We are delighted that one of our favourite Surf Sistas, Nicole Lohse, will be joining our trips in France this September and Costa Rica over the winter (or summer in CR) season! 

We first met Nicole in Morocco a few years ago, took her amazing Yoga classes, bonded over waves and nutella and knew she was a Sista through and through!  We just updated Nicole's bio on our website so here it is plus some piccies of Nicole in action, surfing, Yogi-ing and checking out boys .. 

road tripping to Immesouane on our Surf and Yoga retreat in Morocco

Nicole loves to play! You will find her travelling the world surfing, biking, skiing, kiting, rafting and teaching Yoga.

 Her real passion lies in discovering how the body functions. As a Yoga & Feldenkrais Practitioner she LOVES to pick things apart. She has been sharing her love for Yoga since 2005, teaching Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative, Power, Yin and Hot classes, workshops and retreats in Whistler, Vancouver and Morocco.

Nicole's classes are designed for you to learn, explore & gain a better understanding of your possibilities. She believe that if you learn to move with better organization and use yourself more efficiently, not only will your performance improve, you will find greater comfort, ease and joy in your everyday life.

Nicole works with us all over the world, at the moment you can benefit from her teaching on our trips in France, Morocco and Costa Rica.


"I love teaching on Surf Sistas trips because there is nothing better then sharing what I love with a bunch of like-minded, keen girls. It is so inspiring watching as everyones yoga practice and ability to surf change drastically over such a short time.

I hope the girls have a positive, inspiring experience where they discover a new passion and a greater sense of their potential, in the water, on their yoga mat and in their everyday life! 

Also I hope they create strong connections with the other girls, because there is nothing better then a solid group of chick friends to go dominate the world with!"

catching some waves in Morocco

Nicole's dream surf destination?
Anywhere where there are good people, delicious food, nutella and perfect waves.

Where can we find Nicole when she's not surfing or yogi-ing?
When I am not surfing or whipping it out on the mat, I am usually playing with/on something else ;)

Biking, skiing, kiting, hanging out with friends, reading a good book, eating Nutella.

watching the boys go by ;)