Friday, 3 May 2013

Bali Hai Five

Bali hai five - top 5 places to eat in Bali

We are back on the tropical island of Bali for our Surf and Yoga Surfari and our taste buds are going crazy with all the amazing culinary delights on offer .. We can't wait to share them with the girls joining us on Saturday but we don't want you to miss out either, so here are our Surf Sistas top five .. or hai five as we like to call it .. places to chow down in Bali!

Coffee and quotes from the Sea Circus
1:  Sea Circus -  We take all our guests to the big top, its not really a circus just a great cafe/restaurant with delicious dishes served with a hefty dollop of style and lots of thought.  Don't miss the passion fruit and guava margaritas, the chocolate fudge mousse or the bathroom (don't ask, just go and see for yourself!).
Go there:  In Seminyak, between Ku De Ta and Potato Head, next door to Bodyworks.

2.  Mama Mushroom -  you can find mama mushrooms warung at Nusa Dua, we first visited last year for an amazing  mix of nasi (rice), mie (noodles),  veggies and tempe served in a  brown paper cone, and it was the perfect post surf lunch ..  we don't have a picture, we all ate it too quickly!
Go there:  By Nusa Dua beach on the East side of the island.

the betel cake at betelnut cafe
3.  Betelnut Cafe -  We are a bit late to this party only discovering the Betelnut this year, but we have not wasted any time sampling their wares and they have shot up our favourite eateries list like a proverbial rocket!   Thus far we will happily rave about their mezze plate, wraps & burgers, betel cake (chocolate biscuit torte with dragon fruit mousse and a raspberry coulis)   .. their location with a breezy terrace among the rice paddies is pretty special too..
Go there:  Canggu close to Echobeach .. opposite Deus .. triangulate and you will find it.

4.  Canggu Mart - Yes this is the local 7/11, corner shop, whatever you want to call it ..  we mainly go here for  .. err .. Magnums.  Pretty much anytime of the day is Magnum time for Surf Sistas here in Bali, post surf, pre surf, lunch time, after dinner .. even breakfast .. who cares when there are so many varieties we need to sample before we head home -  Truffle, chocolate brownie, chocolate and strawberry, gold, almond, choco-cappucino .. and of course the classic Classic.

5. The Beach Club at Sandy Bay on Nusa Lembongan  - Not strictly Bali this one as its to be found on our favourite island getaway of Lembongan, dining by candle light right on the beach by an infinity pool.  Great food, great atmosphere and a great price .. lush.
Go there:  They will pick you up from wherever you are staying and drop you back, easy!

If we have successfully tempted you through the medium of food to join us on one of our Surf Sistas trips to Bali then check out our upcoming dates, we can't wait to surf with you here!

5-14 October 2013
3-12 May 2014

All the information about the trips and how you can join us can be found here

ps. Big thanks to the lovely Jude for always being willing to throw herself off boats, logs or rocks for a great photo, thats her above, leaping into the turquoise seas of Nusa Lembongan.

Warung at Padang Padang .. jaffles, pancakes, nasi goreng and bintangs!

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