Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wetsuit Quivers

Wetsuit quivers are the new Surfboard quivers ..  we used to go weak at the knees for a new board but these days we are all about adding to our ever expanding wetsuit collections .. who cares if the jet stream doesn't want us to get out of our sturdy 5/3's, we still want a part of all these amazing suits that are popping up around the globe .. Tallow, Mother of All Things, Alope and those gorgeous but 'limited edition unavailable in Europe' capsule collaborations between the big brands and designers  .. yes Cynthia Rowley and Roxy we are talking about you .. :)

Fortunately for us we can combine our internet wetsuit shopping with something a little closer to home as one of our favourite independent wetsuit designers is right on our Cornish doorstep ..    Elsie Pinniger, designer and owner at neon kindly gave a masterclass at our recent White to Green improver course, and while we Sistas were all listening intently it was clear that we were mostly all thinking how do I get my hands on her wetsuit!

What happened next can only be described as a neoprene bunfight as we all descended on the neon studio to check out colours and designs and discover who had the biggest armhole size .. no we're not saying who, she knows who she is..  

If you can't live without one of these bespoke summery suits either email Elsie and she will 'make your dreams come true'.

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