Monday, 10 October 2011

Flat day fun at Capbreton

welcome to the Surf Sistas Capbreton assault course, specially designed by the ball of energy that is Sarah Thomson..
Sarah planning
Let the battle commence ..



the ''REAL' GUNS

and they're off .. 

an early lead for the tigers 

dirty tactics?

smiling through the pain

running to the paddle out

Nat playing catch up 

Not even out of breath

get the pebble in the towel - a new olympic sport?

Amy flys

only 10 more

long legs giving Catie an advantage?

the last hurrah Amy, you can do it 

oh yes this is easy 

I take that back 

poor Laura did 2 laps!


the worst bit?

After lulling Nat into a false sense of security our strategist Aliyah makes a break for the finish line .. 

Nat clocks whats happening 

she gives it her all 

too late :)   Victory to the TIGERS!

and now a nice relaxing paddle  ..

Thanks to Kate Czuczman for the photos 

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