Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Make this the summer you learn to surf because ..

.. its fun!  Just like we have left it a bit too late to win Wimbledon we are not all going to make it to the upper rankings of the worlds best female surfers .. but none of this matters because nothing will bring a smile to your face like your first ridiculous wipeout!

Sarah showing us how not to fall off  .. feet first please

.. it will keep you fit!  Not only does surfing keep you fit but your new surf addiction will inspire you to keep up all your fitness resolutions in between surfs so that your surfing will improve in leaps and bounds..

board shorts and bikinis here we come!

... it makes you feel good about yourself!  Challenging yourself to learn something new, hanging out in a wetsuit or bikini (see point 1 - you are having too much fun to care!), heading back to the real world with salty hair, a sun kissed face and sand between your toes.. all of this makes for a happy soul!

Nat super stoked after a dawn surf in France

... you will make new friends!  We didn't call our company Surf Sistas for nothing, meeting like minded surf buddies is one of the best parts of surfing in our eyes! Road trips, dance-offs, cocktails, sunset beers, , adventures, road trips..

New found Sistas on our White to Green course last summer!

So there we have it .. surfing could and probably will change your life ..   sorry if we sound a bit like surf evangelists but its all true! :)    

See you in the waves!

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