Wednesday, 26 June 2013

reTREAT yourself in Costa Rica

In April in Costa Rica we were joined by a radical crew of chicas for our last Surf & Yoga retreat of the season .. we went out in style with some epic wave riding and good times in Santa Teresa .. we even met Mr World at the beach (photo evidence below) ..   Check out all the photos, they continue after the break, or take a peek at our flickr gallery for the full set.

We'll be here ready for more fun next spring, find out now how you could be joining us in paradise!

Lisa & Welly
Hitching a ride on Pia's quad
hello Mr Crab sorry to disturb you
serious faces girls
Sam & Pia our Surf Sistas coaches
Lynda shredding
Yoga instructor Wendy loves to surf too!
Gillian getting the hang of it
post point break pose
Little green wave for Lisa
Loving our Pollo Passes that get us discounts all around Santa Teresa
Sunset Tonas .. local Nicaraguan beer
Pia and Welly in Hermosa sunset light
Surf Sistas and Mr World 2010!
Post surf cuba libres with Manon, Gillian and Lynda
Hannah takes a moment to take in the stunning beach in Santa Teresa
Gillian and Lynda with Surf Sistas coach Pia
Welly stylin!
A Surf Sistas coach spends alot of time strapping boards to the roof ..  Pia has a big smile about it!
Beach lesson with Pia
Checking the waves at a local point break
Wendy is stoked with what she sees!
everyone is stoked!
maybe Lisa is MOST stoked!
Welly with her longboard 
Lynda having the time of her life at the point
big smiles
High five!
Always gotta be a jump shot!
Sam doing her thing 
party wave for Pia and Lynda
Lynda going..  and going  .. and going .. 

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