Thursday, 6 June 2013

Surfari Fever

Train, airplane, taxi, car and driver, moped, chicken bus, high speed ferry, water taxi, feet and arms ..  all of the above have propelled us from home to Bali to the island idyll of Nusa Lembongan, to countless amazing surf breaks and then back again.      When we are in Costa Rica we are all about 4 wheel drives, quad bikes, ferries, tiny propeller planes, motor boats, mopeds, bicycles .. and of course feet and arms .. always paddling!          

Its good to go and immerse yourself in one place, and we do alot of that, most of the week long surf camps that we run are fixed in one place, even if we do drive around a bit each day to make sure we are finding you the best surf.  In the last few years though we realised that if we were going on a surf holiday ourselves, only had a few weeks to spare,  and were jetting half way around the world .. we would want to see more!   Sure we want to surf great waves every day, ideally in bikinis, and with some beers and cocktails at sunset for good measure, but we also want to explore, see more of the country we are visiting ..    so we created our surfari trips and our surfari fever has taken hold and now spread to take in Bali, Costa Rica and France.

Bali Surfari - A 10 day surfari based initially in Canggu to take in some of the best breaks on Bali, we then head to Lembongan for  tropical paradise and waves that we can only get to on small white boats with brightly coloured stabilisers ..   When not surfing we can mainly be found drinking from coconuts and eating variations of nasi goreng before a dip in the infinity pool, a motorcycle jaunt to the seaweed fields and a sunset Yoga session. Yew!

Costa Rica Road Trip -  The word 'road' is significant in this Surfari as the road (or lack of one) will be a glaringly obvious feature of the trip.  We will be 4 wheel driving up pot holed hill and down pot holed dale to get to our 3 destinations on this trip, not to mention through rivers (don't be alarmed when we walk through to check the height) and even across the beach at one stage. We will be rewarded with blissful waves, burritos the size of our heads, the best avocados in the world, plenty of hammock time and a laid back beach life that will make you want to give up the 9-5 pronto! 

France Cycle Surfari -  This epic adventure is all on two wheels, while your luggage will have the luxury of travelling by van to your next destination, you and your surfboard and day pack will be pedalling all the way from Hossegor to Lacanau along beautifully kept cycle paths in the pine forests of Aquitaine. Through little french villages, past refreshing lakes and to the finest surf breaks of south west France we go, fuelled by feasts cooked up on the campfire by our Big Friday chef.  

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