Friday, 22 November 2013

Artist Focus: Zoe at Salt, Paper, Scissors

creations taking shape in the Salt Paper Scissors Studio

Its coming up to Christmas so we are starting to think about present buying and as usual we want to support local artists and artisans with our spending.  We caught up with one of our favourite makers, the lovely Zoe Greenhough at Salt Paper Scissors for a wee chat.

As well as being an avid surfer and mum of three, Zoe is also pretty handy with a needle and thread as you can see from all these surf inspired delights she produces in her studio in Brighton.  The best thing for us is that Zoe is super eco-conscious, sourcing great recycled fabrics and packaging so that her gifts are easy on the eye and easy on your environmental karma too ..

Surf girl lavender bags by Salt Paper Scissors
Hi Zoe, we love your products, what has been the motivation behind Salt Paper Scissors?
It started out from one simple idea to make a gigantic surf/ocean inspired lampshade that I could hang above my bed to remind me of sunny days surfing. Then I started making gifts for friends. I got sick of shopping for presents because everything seemed to come in tonnes of packaging. Living near Brighton, and having grown up in a seaside town, I've always been inspired by the sea. I decided to make eco-friendly gifts from recycled materials.

ocean inspired teal and mustard purse 

How long have you been a maker? What advice would you give to us wannabe crafters?
Probably since I was 4! I think crafts are a brilliant way to bring out your inner child. The internet is awash with beautiful websites that can help you make anything from gift cards to dog coats. It's worth trying anything. Be prepared to make mistakes and learn from them. Never waste anything - you'll find a way to salvage it and turn it into something unique and useful.

Cute make up pouches by Salt Paper Scissors
Whats on the horizon for 2014 from Salt Paper Scissors?
I'm so excited to have had some great collaborations with artists this year, and have more lined up in the near future. Plus, 2014 will see more Salt Paper Scissors gifts stocked in small boutique stores across the South East and perhaps spreading. Who knows! Finally, the long-awaited website will be launched in the Spring, just in time to get beach-ready and surfed-up!
We can't wait to see what you have in store! Check out Zoe's work in her etsy shop and give her facebook page a like to stay up to date with Salt Paper Scissors news.

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