Saturday, 23 November 2013

Sunday Slides: brrrr winter is coming

Sit back with a hot chocolate or if you are reading this in a hot country then turn on the fan or the AC .. this weeks Sunday slides are coming to you from the depths of winter ..

We can't wait for this, the follow up feature film from the makers of Nord for Sola

BEAR ISLAND TEASER from weggebros on Vimeo.

Our Cornish cold water faves Finisterre just premiered their new short film Fv25 at the London Surf Film Festival.. in case you missed it dip a chilly toe in here..

Fv25 from Finisterre on Vimeo.

These waves look fun and worth getting chilly for, not sure about the mention of a leech infested walk to the surf though .. hmmm

+THE SEA OF POSSIBILITY+ JACK LYNCH from Nicholas Damen on Vimeo.

and finally .. getting a little lost in Iceland with Laura Enever

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