Tuesday, 21 January 2014

"Absolutely bursting with happiness"

pure stoke 

"I have a pain in my face from smiling and laughing so much, often for no other extraordinary reason other than being in the sea. A common sight over the weekend was me laughing uncontrollably by myself and to myself in the sea...absolutely bursting with happiness."

Aoife, Ireland after a Surf Sistas Weekend in Cornwall

At Surf Sistas HQ we think surfing should be available on the National Health Service - the pure unfettered delight, or stoke as we call it, of learning to surf will soon have you in its grasp. The joy of being in the ocean, feeling fresh air and hopefully some sun on your cheeks, rising to the challenge of balancing on your surfboard, laughing with new friends, feeling the energy of the wave propel you to shore ..  a new passion is born!

This summer we have beginner weekends in both Cornwall and Wales, every month from June to September, so plenty of opportunities to come down and give surfing a try!  Our top Surfing GB and ISA qualified instructors will cover the basics that will have you riding your first waves in no time, including understanding your equipment, the conditions and how to stay safe in the water; how to position yourself on the board, catch waves and ultimately to pop up
to that classic wave riding stance.

Click here to find out more about Cornwall and here for Wales .. we are always available here for questions and we can't wait to share our love of surfing with you this summer!

Summer 2014 Dates: 
16-18 June | 4-6 July | 15-17 Aug | 19-21 Sept
14/15 June | 19/20 July | 13/14 Sept

We can't talk about benefits of surf stoke without a shout out to some amazing charities in the South West who are using surfing to make a real difference -  Surf Action work with Military Veterans and their families, and the Wave Project provide surf therapy for young people facing challenges.  Take a look at what they do and get involved if you can. 

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