Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Escaping the white water rut in 2014!

We have all been there, in a bit of a rut with our surfing, wondering if we will ever achieve that next goal, wether its catching a green wave, riding along the face, feeling confident in bigger surf, turning or just understanding the conditions better so that you can be in the right place at the right time..

If any of this sounds like you then its time to invest in the next level of your surfing progression.  Sign up for one of our summer Improver Weekends, there is no going back to basics (unless you need to), just a fun weekend with fellow surfers, setting achievable goals with your instructors to take you to that next level. Each session has a dedicated Surf Sistas videographer and we review the footage over the weekend with you.

Our improver weekends are spread throughout the summer in Wales and Cornwall, click here to find out more about weekends in Llangennith, and here for the Cornwall option.  Our Cornwall weekends include transportation from London if needed, our Surf Bus heads down on Friday evening after work and comes back Sunday afternoon.  If you want to come with a friend who hasn't surfed before then check out our beginner weekends for them, you can hang out together and just take separate lessons.

If you have a bit more time to spare then definitely check out our 5 day White to Green courses in July. These are already booking up fast so reserve your spot now if you are keen!

Summer 2014 Dates: 
16-18 June | 4-6 July | 15-17 Aug | 19-21 Sept
14/15 June | 19/20 July | 13/14 Sept 

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